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Purchase Procedure


  1. How to search for product
  2. How to add products to basket
  3. Determining the quantity of products
  4. How to remove the product from the basket or to change its contents
  5. Order’s finalisation
  6. How to log on
  7. How to register
  8. Forgot password.

This instruction is a guide with the purchasing procedure at www.visionnails.com , as well as answers most of the Frequently Asked  Questions. 

The online shop of the Vision Nails was designed to make fast purchases online. On the left hand side there is menu, in which you will find all the products.
There is a navigational link above all products which details which part of the shop you currently are. 
Our  search engine "Search products" enables you to find any product by its names or product’s codes.                                                  

      1. How to search for product

Menu on the left  hand side is divided in main categories which are divided in product’s subcategories. 
The navigational link always shows a place in the structure of the shop and has bookmark "Catalogue" which ones clicked takes you to starting point i.e. products’ catalogue. 
You can navigate using the left "Search Products" panel to quickly find any product in our catalogue.
Clicking on  "Home” takes you to home page.

      2. How to add products to basket

Choose a product using menu on the left hand side and "Add to basket". 
After clicking "Add to basket" pop up window appears informing about added product to basket. 
The window contains the following information:
      1. "Go to basket" - redirects to the basket where you can complete the purchasing procedure or change the quantity of chosen products.
      2. "Continue Shopping" – this will allow you to continue shopping and add more products to your shopping basket..

      3. Determining the quantity of products 

Determines the quantity of a given product. It is possible to do it in the basket or through repeated clicking a given product on "Add to basket". 
Pop up dialog box appears every time when new product is added to the basket. 
Quantity of products currently in the basket and their prices are always shown at the top in "Your Shopping Basket".

      4. How to remove the product from the basket or to change its contents

You can edit the products in the "Basket" by changing their quantity or remove the products altogether. 
Once our website is closed, the “Basket” is automatically emptied and doesn't remember the purchases made.

      5. Order’s finalisation

It is done in 4 stages and begins after clicking "Basket"
Log-on – this procedure is divided on due to two kinds of users wanting to:
       a. Make one-time purchase – click on “One-time purchase” and fulfill required options in the form provided and click Further", or
       b. Register and make purchase – click on "Register and purchase” and fulfill required options in the form provided and click Further".
Difference between “Single Purchase” and “Register and make a purchase” is access to the customer’s profile where registered users can check and edit at any time the following information:
      - My data
      - Shipping address
      - Data for invoice
      - History of the orders with option of the printout.

Payment’s method 

       c. Personal Collection - after choosing this option you should collect personally the ordered products at the address indicated in the bookmark "Terms and Conditions", and Company Details
       d. Card payment – Credit/Debit Card.

Order information

After choosing “Payment method” a dialog pop up windows appears where you can give additional information concerning your order e.g. different shipping address than given at the registration.

       6. How to log on

In order to log on to our website, user’s profile, please use Log-on | Registration.

       7. How to register

In order to register to our website and access to user’s profile please use Log-on | Registration.

       8. Forgot password

If you forgot or lost your password to user’s profile please click bookmark Log-on | Registration and use the option: “Forgot password”. 

You will receive at the earlier registered email address new password generated by the system which you will be able to change in the user’s profile after log on.



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